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Whose art has graced these walls?

Artful The Gallery Lisa Hebden Swish.jpg
Artful The Gallery Lisa Hebden Swish.jpg

Lisa Hebden


Lisa is a consummate painter of figures, particularly females ('cause she is one!) and loves focusing

on the transition points; from girlhood, thru adolescence, to womanhood. 


'Swish' 36" x 36" oil on canvas unframed $1750 

(Gallery Collection)

Wesley Clark

Paintings and Drawings

Wesley Clark might be best known for his West Coast landscapes but he is also a strong figurative painter and loves doing deep dives into ancient cultures for inspiration too.

'Passages #1' 36" x 48" acrylic on canvas framed $1950

(Gallery Collection)

Artful The Gallery Wesley Clark Passages_edited.jpg

Mark Henderson

Very Large Paintings

Mark is especially skilled at using his satirical sensibility to create jarring and absurd works

that mirror and morph the world around us, entertaining as he toys with us using information overload, encoded messages

and perplexing dichotomies.

Artful The Gallery Mark Henderson Painting.jpg

'Polar Bear' (detail) 78" x 46" acrylic on canvas

(collection of the artist)

Fay Melling


Fay's photorealism skill is reflected in her capacity to lose herself in the intricate details of her works; a spark of light caught on an earring, a wisp of hair caught in the breeze of a gentle breath, the detail of the tooth in a zipper.

'Fan Dancer' (detail) 30" x 40" acrylic on canvas

unframed $1200

Artful The Gallery Fay Melling Fan Dancer.jpg