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All About Wesley Clark

Former resident of the Comox Valley, Wesley is now living on Salt Spring Island.

Wesley is a graduate of The University of Victoria (BFA & M.Ed). He has established himself as an important collectible artist in both the private and corporate sectors. His detailed landscape watercolours are inspired by the natural wilderness of BC. His dedication to preserving this beautiful landscape led to commitments in various environmental expeditions including Carmanah, Tsitika and Kitlope Rivers. 

In 1994, Wes was invited as the expedition artist, joining 12 scientists, river guides and writers to raft the uncharted Kitlope River near Kitimat, BC while conducting an environmental impact study during this remarkable journey. West Fraser Timber later relinquished their timber farm license on the Kitilope watershed, resulting in a 317,000 square hectare provincial park. 

More recently Wesley’s works are larger, acrylic and mixed media canvases that explore multi-cultural themes. This work is wildly colourful and inspired by pre-history, indigenous peoples, art making processes, artifacts and culture. Wesley emulates the qualities and aesthetics of these ancient artifacts, creating a sense of the archaic. Arranging powerful pre-historic images into a new personal visual statement inviting the viewer’s insight into what makes us human…a distant view of the strangely familiar. 

Large and dynamic, Wesley Clark originals are being added to the already impressive art collections of a diverse international clientele.

Below: 'Ancient Horse Study' 15" x 24" acrylic on paper unframed $500 (sold)
IMG_3286 2.jpg
Artful The Gallery Wesley Clark Man Woman Boat.jpg
Artful The Gallery Wesley Clark After Rodin.jpg
Left: 'Man Woman Boat' 26" x 18" acrylic on paper unframed $500.00 Below: 'After Rodin' 15" x 22" acrylic on paper unframed $350 (sold)
Artful The Gallery Wesley Clark Ancient Horse Study.jpg
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