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Artful The Gallery Mark Henderson Barbie and Ken.jpg
'Water Skier' 78" x 45" acrylic on canvas unframed $6000.00 (sold)
'Ken and Barbie' 78" x 71" acrylic on canvas
 unframed $8000 

All About Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson's graphic works represent the formatting, display, and packaging of information that pervade our culture. He has a fascination with information and how it is manipulated and conveyed to the viewer and ultimately interpreted. The Media present information so as to shape our opinions and behaviour on issues such as health and fitness, politics, relationships, culture, and the environment. These themes resonate in his art.

Leveraging a graphic style once used in advertising, Henderson manipulates and juxtaposes images from the past and present. Echoes of happier times and the promise of prosperity are set against the realities of contemporary society. His satirical works often incorporate a twist of the apparent theme or a jarring absurdity as a mirror to the world around us. We are conditioned to be entertained.
His experience as a professional software developer surrounds him with electronic representations of information. Information overload influences his work in the form of misconstrued meanings, encoded messages, and brain overload. He plays with superficialities and layers to obscure meaning.


Artful The Gallery Mark Henderson Artist_edited.jpg
Artful The Gallery Mark Henderson Water Skier.jpg
Below: 'Tainted Pastrami' 8" x 24" acrylic on wood panel $500 
Artful The Gallery Mark Henderson Tainted Pastrami.jpg
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