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Jan/Feb/Mar 2021

Eros : Out of the Darkness and Into the Light  

A curated collection of paintings and drawings featuring the work of Gary Dillon and an excellent cast of supporting artists.


Eros represents the generative, creative life instinct; desire, love, sex, vitality and profound creativity. 2021 was ushered in with a life-affirming, sensual celebration of the erotic. 


A toast to 2021…and to life!


Bikes & Barbies

April/May/June 2021

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Mark Henderson’s graphic works represent the formatting, display, and packaging of information that pervade our culture. His fascination with information, its' manipulation, and subsequent interpretation that shapes our opinions and behaviours resonates throughout his art.


Whether Mark is designing large painting panels or building custom bike frames, Marks’ satirical sensibility results in jarring absurdity as we look into the mirror of our world. Information overload influences his work in the form of misconstrued meanings, encoded messages, and brain overload, all the while we seek to be entertained.

Dancing Through Despair IN.jpg

Dancing Through Despair

Dec 2020

Two Vancouver Island artists have joined forces for an intriguing juxtaposition of their art, bringing together their diverse styles for an entertaining and lively exhibition.

Each has come to art via the circuitous route of their full lives. A lifetimes worth of travel, creativity and varied interests has led them to now and they are emphatically ‘Still up for it!’ Bringing the work of these two artists together has created a dynamic and fascinating narrative, every bit as engaging as the two friends in conversation.  

Naked...Act II

November 2020

Kristina Campbell's 'Sappho Series', large scale, oil on wood panel, figure paintings inspired by the Greek Poet Sappho.  


Wesley Clark's 'Derivative Women' Series utilizing the distinctive styles of some great historical artists to inspire these nude portraits of women.

IMG_3604 copy.JPG
IMG_3502.jpg in Vulnerability

Sept/Oct 2020

Featuring Victoria artist Lisa Hebden's 'Swimmer' series and including works by Wesley Clark and Kristina Campbell. 


Three talented BC artists exploring the human form in all its naked vulnerability.

The Vikings are here!

June/July/Aug 2020

Artists Kristina Campbell and Wesley Clark time travel for current inspirations from ancient civilizations and mythologies.


A modern interpretation of the art through the millenia.


And the Gallery opens!

May 2020

Artful's opening had been scheduled for March of 2020...

we plan and the Gods laugh. 

Artful opened its doors without much fanfare in May of 2020.