April 21st thru June 12th

Mark Henderson


Big art and brazen bike frames

Mark Henderson’s graphic works explore the formatting, display, and packaging of information that pervade our culture. His fascination with the manipulation and interpretation of information, and how our opinions and behaviours are impacted by the ever-changing nature of information, resonates through his art.


Whether Mark is designing large painting panels or building custom bike frames, his satirical sensibility pushes him to create sometimes jarring and absurd works that mirror and morph the world around us.

Mark entertains and toys with his viewers by subjecting them to information overload, encoded messages and perplexing dichotomies.

Bike frames are a new canvas for Mark and a medium that blends many of his skills as a visual artist. With the bike frames he mixes colors and pigments, design and themes, and does masking and registration. The bike frames allow him to explore the forces of tragedy and time and perfectly blend his love of art, metal working, painting and graphic design. Mark builds and paints his frames. 

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