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Artful : The Gallery


Bring Your Bubble!

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Time & Location

Time is TBD

Artful : The Gallery, 526C Cumberland Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 2C7, Canada

About the event

Not your usual drawing class, this isn’t about learning to draw with skilled technical expertise. This workshop will increase your drawing ability, just not in the way you might expect!

Do you remember what it was like to draw as a child does? Exuberant enthusiasm for the pure joy of drawing and being pleased with the results! “Look what I made!” I don’t know about you, but as I grew up that shifted to self-critical judgment that sounds something like “I’m terrible at drawing” or “I can only draw stickmen!”

Undrawn is a day full of experiences and activities to guide you back to that spirited creativity. Undrawn is learning to draw from an embodied, physically grounded place instead of a visual problem solving how do I make it look right? perspective. Wondering what that means? It means changing the experience of drawing from looking at something and trying to replicate it on a piece of paper using your eyes, your hands and some co-ordination between them.

Throughout the day we will deliberately de-construct the rigid, often self-critical, beliefs we have about how to draw, and how to draw well. This day is full of fun, playful, challenging and inspiring activities to get your creative neurons firing again.

This one-day workshop runs from 10am to 4pm with a one-hour lunch break.

Bring Your Bubble Workshop Bookings are available with a minimum of 4 and maximum 6 participants.

$75 per person, includes all supplies. Artful : The Gallery is located at 526c Cumberland Rd, Courtenay, BC.

To book your workshop call Kristina Campbell at 250-896-6000, visit or email


I've always struggled to enjoy drawing. My perfectionist takes over and says "my lines aren't straight enough" or " that doesn't look like I imagined it." This class really broke that open for me. Not only did it challenge my preconceived notion that good drawings are perfect, it actually made me realize how perfectionism in other aspects of my life is detrimental to my enjoyment of other activities. Who would've thought that after breaking down all those walls I actually left feeling more confident in my drawing and creative expression than I ever have before! P. C.

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