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Cover Up

Damian John

Damian John Cover Up.jpg

Video of Damian John Artist Talk 

Big art and brazen bike frames


Cover Up is an exploration of the cultural genocide perpetuated by church and state; british empire, canadian government, protestant and catholic churches. It moves us toward the underbelly of things, places we prefer to hide away from.


The impacts of colonialism, colonization, racism, genocide and assimilation remain in the foundation of this country. Pervasive racism is written into the laws and policies of government and used to justify actions and atrocities whose only goal is the assimilation and cultural destruction of the Indigenous people of these Northern lands. Damian is here to tell you that the efforts have failed, “We are still here!” 


Damian offers an invitation to a conversation about the hearts and lives of Indigenous people, and the violence with which this country was settled; violence whose ripples are still present today. 


The Indian Act remains a perplexing and complex map of discrimination and destruction of Indigenous people. Damian offers his interpretation of the events inspired by the Indian Act, and an alternate reality; an inspiring, imaginal view of what might have been. Using the popular vehicle of comic books, his graphic depictions are the funhouse mirror through which we can see our distorted reflections. 

Like the Trickster, Damian shows us an unexpected path into this conversation, providing an alternate universe to enter into. Damian questions, "What if…?” as he tells, re-tells, imagines and re-imagines the fantastical stories of 'Cover Up'. Damian’s re-mix amplifies the power of Indigenous people's stories and allows us to reflect on what has been done, and how we could have done it differently. His stories ask us to look deeper; come with curiosity, come with empathy. 


Approachable, provocative, and inspiring, Damian asks that we see each other. That we talk, find connection and friendship through the re-telling of these stories, that we recognize the importance of our decisions in the here and now.


“As humans, the best thing we do is create beauty...that’s our best thing.” Damian believes that through the act of creation we are better, and that we can work on this relational space between us, creating art as an invocation to relationship. 

Damian is a self-taught Tl’azt'en artist,

highly influenced by his Indiginous heritage,

exploring what it means to live as an

Indigenous person in our modern world. 

Learn more about Damian:

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